Mike McClafferty (UK 1964)

1986-1989 Mike studied at Chelsea School of Art, achieving a 1st class honours degree in Graphic Design. Throughout his career in publishing as an Art Director at Condé Nast, he has always pushed his ability as an artist. During the publishing years it was his creative photography that shone. Moving from publishing to the auction world again working as an Art Director at Phillips de Pury (now Phillips), his painting became more fluid and inspired by the many artists whose works hung in the gallery. Mike lives and works in London. His painting makes use of the observed and absorbed visual experience. Not interested in depiction or obvious abstraction, these influences run throughout the work, interpreted as reflections and memories of life. McClafferty’s works are rooted in the observed and accidental process. Inspiration is taken from the urban environment and the creating process. Mike likes to let the painting do the work watching the development of each process: layering, melting, burning, scratching and controlling. Always waiting to see the reaction between the materials he uses. The works evolve as each layer or process develops. His work is featured in public and private collections in the UK, New York and Russia.

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